Food and experiences from my beloved Majorca


Food and experiences from my beloved Majorca

Bittans Food Mallorca

Bittans Mat loves to cook a little anyway ... party dinners vineyard lunches brunches training food
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    Private chef.
    Book me if you want time off from the kitchen. Everything from breakfast, lunch, dinners, small private parties.
    Food inspiration, come to my room in Santa Catalina, Vineyard lunch. Picnic to bring.

    Private lunch or diner at beautiful Palma Suites in the old town.

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    I smell cold, short days that disappears quickly. Remember the scent of lovingly cooked food, enjoyed with friends.

    – Maria Dalayman

    My book

    This is a book full of love. Love for food, love for Majorca. Join me on a lovely trip, filled with exciting meetings with colorful people in wonderful places. Read all recipes and tips from a true food lover with more experience than most. Enjoy Lisa Nestor's amazing pictures - and dream away to a place that is no more than a heartbeat away. Welcome to my Majorca. Enter your address below and I will contact you soon.

      Number of pages: 86

      Languages: English, Swedish

      I´am Bittan

      Seven years ago, I decided to leave Sweden and move to the amazing island of Majorca. To be able to work and live here in Majorca is one of the best things I know. All the places i get to see with its various fincas, hotel, vineyards.. I want to share this magical place, its amazing food and fine culture with the world. Bittan's food is a concept of constant development, where I want to give my guests a genuine experience. To share my food and see my guests go home full of inspiration is truly amazing.


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